No more stress with the rental car on vacation

The top 3 tips you should know when renting a car

Also like to be independent and therefore often take a vacation with a rental car? Travel companies, hotels or even airlines make it easy and send on booking often tempting low-priced offers for your own four wheels at the resort. In addition, numerous comparison and booking portals for rental cars on the Internet offer a great overview and facilitate the search for a cheap car hire provider. But beware

When renting a car can quickly expensive mistakes happen or – even worse: who falls for a dubious car rental provider, must pay sometimes expensive apprenticeship.

Therefore, keep in mind a few important rules when booking your rental car so that everything runs smoothly on vacation.

Here are three of the most important pointers for the rental car on vacation:

Tip 1: Check the additional costs

A seemingly cheap offer can quickly turn out to be expensive if additional options are booked on pickup. Common example: You book the cheap car without thinking about who will drive the car on holiday. When you pick up the question then arises whether only you or if, for example, your partner will drive the car. For the additional driver then a hefty surcharge is due.

That means for you: Plan already with rented car reservation with an additional option, as for example additional drivers, child seats or Navi and then compare the prices. The subsequent on-site booking is often uncomfortable expensive, if the car rental providers on the longer lever.

Tip 2: Remember the insurance

The cheapest and most enticing rental car deals always have a catch: the bad insurance. In the event of an accident or damage, the renter’s excess is extremely high – often many thousands of euros.

That means for you: Always look at the insurance conditions very carefully. Rethink what deductible in case of damage is still acceptable for you. Compare the prices only when a corresponding insurance is included in the price.

Tip 3: Read the fine print and the rules for refueling

When booking a car and concluding the contract, read the fine print, even if it is annoying. Many a car hire provider hides there costs, with which the tourist does not expect and can quickly ruin a nice savings. Some providers, for example, charge extra fees if the car is not returned full or if there is a short delay. Some even charge a fee if the key is returned outside office hours.

That means for you: Let the fingers of a favorable offer, if you notice strange regulations in the small print. After all, the holiday with a rental car should not end badly.

Sand, Sun and Pleasure: How to Plan a Vacation in the Caribbean on a Budget

Oh Canada, maple and frost country. We will not hide that going away to enjoy the sun can be a miracle for your mind. However, especially in January and February, the prices of most tropical destinations are rising enormously, depending on your stay and the way you want to spend your holidays. If you can not stand the cold and you have to go to the Caribbean, here are some things to consider before packing.

Where will you go and how will you get there?

There are many places to stay when you think of the Caribbean. Jamaica, Barbados, maybe the Dominican Republic? The list of islands and hot places is endless and each of these places has a different cost of travel and life. However, if you are looking to save money, it is good to do some research first. Remember, depending on the website or travel company you book with, if you are going to the Caribbean, you will pay most of the expenses in US currency. With the current value of the US dollar equal to 1.33 Canadian, determining a budget before booking is a smart decision.

In addition, unfortunately, flights from Canada are generally more expensive than flights from the United States. So, if the option is possible, a cheaper way to travel and drive to a place across the border and from there. However, it may not be possible for you. This option still takes longer, driving, passing customs and paying for parking your car, you could leave Canada and you save a lot of hassle. Another way to save money is to choose the day you fly. If you plan on leaving the weekend, it will be more expensive. Booking your flights early and mid-week is the best way to save. Again, depending on which agency you book with, you can save up to $ 30 on your outbound and return flights. This could be invested in a few memories once at your destination. In addition, the prices of airline tickets fluctuate from one week to the next. Check out the different travel sites and book at the last minute could help you.

What to choose: hotel or cruise?

Another thing to consider when going on vacation in the Caribbean is whether you want to go with an all inclusive package or take a cruise to the chosen destination. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s say you are trying to save on the airfare. Most all-inclusive one-week stays in a tourist spot will be around $ 1,000 per person, depending on the time of year you go there, what package you choose, what day to fly and if you stay in a hotel of 3 stars and more. So, in some cases, if you are located near a big city like New York or Boston, going on a cruise could be an interesting alternative. In this case, there will be a lot of places where you can leave your car for the week, you will embark on the cruise ship, sail south and come back a few days later. No customs to pass, no waiting for delayed flights to the airport. Not to mention the cost of your checked baggage, an average of $ 50 for each flight.

Once on the cruise, you will probably have plenty of activities to do. There are usually different entertainment options every night, such as movies and shows, all included in the starting price. A good cruise will dock a few days in the Caribbean and let you go on dry land for a few hours. However, your meals (not breakfast) and your drinks may cost more. You may also have to pay for things like shore excursions.

Maybe an all inclusive is better for you, especially if you are afraid of having seasickness. Of course, you will pay for the plane ticket but with a $ 1000 package everything is of course included. This means round trip flights, food, drinks, basic activities and extras like diving equipment, beach towels etc. Other things you’ll pay for are out-of-resort tours, scuba diving trips, or other overpriced activities. Anyway, if you just want to bask on the beach, an all inclusive hotel can be the solution. After all, sand and sun will be on your doorstep.

Consider leaving in the low season

We all know the disadvantages of cold weather. It can be tempting to book our holidays for the coldest months: December, January and February. But if you let yourself be tempted, you will pay. Although it may be worthwhile to be far away during the Siberian days, know that this is when everyone wants to go. The complexes and the airlines know it too, and will take advantage of it to increase their prices.

So, if you follow a tight budget, it’s good to follow him, to bite his teeth for a few more days, and save extra money for a holiday before or after the high season. Generally, if you book in October-November or March-April, you’ll save hundreds of dollars on airline tickets and vacation expenses.

Beware, some Caribbean destinations experience rainy periods throughout the summer and fall months (June-November). The weather varies from one place to another and is therefore to be considered during your research. Statistics indicate that September is the worst month to visit the Caribbean as it is the hurricane season that begins. So, at this time of the year, even if prices are lower, avoid places like the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica or the central regions of the Caribbean.

Plan your budget efficiently

Depending on your annual income, your vacation in the Caribbean could leave you with a huge credit card bill. So, as with any other financial decision, it is important to plan a budget no matter how much you are excited to go there. In most resorts, you must have extra American money to pay for extra activities and tips for hotel staff. Even if $ 1 or $ 2 here and there is not much, it ends up increasing rapidly when you consider all the outings you will end up doing, such as restaurants, bars, transportation and room service. On top of that, if you do not have cash, you will have to pay with your credit or debit card. With the current exchange rate, get ready to empty your wallet.

However, taking all of this into consideration, you will probably want to bask on the sand and drink even more margaritas. So talk with a travel agent to find the cheapest destination that’s right for you. Once everything is thought of and booked, the only other expense you will need is your new swimsuit and sunscreen.

5 traits that indicate that you have the vacation syndrome


Finally on vacation! With family or friends, on the beach or in the mountains, a few kilometers or on the other side of the world. The important thing is that finally, after all the year waiting, you are enjoying the desired vacation.

Gone was the daily stress, the rush, the pollution, the work … or not. Are you really enjoying the desired holidays? Do you think you’re not taking advantage of everything you should? Or are they not what you expected?

It is possible that you are suffering the so-called vacation syndrome . Because yes, there is a pre-holiday syndrome, another post vacation and even one for those on vacation, and you can be one of those who are suffering. Let’s see if you have the symptoms :

  1. Instead of being happy or happy, do you feel sad, in a bad mood and at times angry?
  2. Do not you get to rest or enjoy the playful activities you have planned during these days?
  3. Do not you disconnect and worry about how things will be going in your place of residence, at work, or to loved ones who do not accompany you?
  4. Do not you manage to sleep well or enjoy meals, and miss your bed, your usual diet and even your shower or your bath?
  5. Do you feel that this is not where you would like to be on your expected vacation and that you are wasting it?

Do not get overwhelmed, what happens to you is not so strange, in fact it is becoming more common . On the one hand, it is hard for us to break our habits and routines at once (some more than others) and on the other hand, disconnecting from what we leave at home or at work is not so easy . In addition, technology does not help us. We go everywhere with our mobile, that is, with access to email, to WhatsApp groups so common at work … and that if we do not travel with the laptop in tow!

But if you want to enjoy the holidays, everything is not lost , we can give you some recommendations that may be useful:

  • Forget expectations, try to enjoy without further ado, whatever comes and how it comes. It is not necessary that the holidays are unforgettable or perfect.
  • Leave the strict schedules and schedules at home, improvise and let yourself go.
  • Disconnect from work and obligations, although it is difficult to assume, no one is essential.
  • Leave your mobile, laptop and tablet aside, enjoy the moment and the company.
  • Do not get overwhelmed thinking about what you will find when you return, neither at work, nor personal, when the time comes you will solve it.
  • Do without what is not necessary or important for these days.
  • Do not come back just to join the job, leave a day in between to “acclimate”.

And for next year, think about what type of vacation you fit more to take advantage of . Some people prefer shorter periods and more often and who does not rest without a minimum of days. Try to make small trips throughout the year , even if it is a weekend, so that you do not have a busy schedule on those days off and that your expectations are more realistic. Negotiate holidays as much as possible so that everyone can enjoy and not just one or a few.

And if one of your concerns is the future of yours , especially those who depend on you, you can cross that off your list, because the solution is as simple as hiring a life insurance and take advantage of summer to the fullest.