More than 40% of Spaniards decide to go on vacation and finance their trips

More than 40% of Spaniards decide to go on vacation and finance their trips

According to the data published by the Kruk Group, two out of every five Spaniards consider the option of resorting to a credit for their vacations. Although many think that these products only allow us to carry out large trips outside our country, which requires a large budget and that involve contracting a long-term debt, this is not always the case. In the market there are many products that allow us to access different amounts according to our needs and the destination we have chosen. Therefore, it is a matter of comparing until finding the best loan to finance travel.

Personal loans for large-scale travel

If we want to take advantage of the summer to make a trip to another country and the income from our account falls short, personal loans allow us to get large amounts of money in just a few hours. Therefore, with the budget that we have calculated ourselves or that which has been given to us in the agency, we can know how much we need and finance the trip. In addition, they are requested both through the bank and through private lenders so we have a wide range of options to consult. Given the wide range of products that exist in the market, compare conditions will be fundamental before choosing.

The mini-credits are also to finance trips

If in our getaway we are not going to travel so many kilometers or have almost all the savings to go on vacation , online mini-credits are an option to finance trips of these characteristics. With these products we can request up to 300 euros if we are new customers. In addition, it is possible to find temporary promotions without interest, so we will only return the amount if we comply with the conditions established by the company. They are also a good option to finance last minute trips.

The cost of online mini-credits is an aspect that we must calculate before signing the contract. These products have an average interest of 1.1% per day without taking into account the promotions mentioned in the previous paragraph. Therefore, for every 100 euros that we request, we will add 33 euros in interest if we choose a month as a term. Not reimbursing the amount on time, will involve an additional cost for delay. For this reason, it is fundamental to choose well when we are going to pay the loan according to the date in which we will return to have income in our account.