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Why Diversity Programs Are Bad For Business

Diversity has come to mean many things in the 21st century, chief among them: business success. Many diversity programs nonetheless fail, wasting company resources and leading to frustration in the workplace. Why exactly do diversity initiatives fail to achieve progress, and what steps can wise managers take to ensure their workplace is equal and successful well into the future?

Companies in all fields would be well suited developing communication systems for employees to use when they feel underrepresented or abused. No system is perfect, however; managers must constantly be on the lookout for flaws that slip between the cracks, and keep a sharp eye on employee’s morale and sense of belonging. For examples, using editorial backlinks is a great way to promote your search rankings, but can be costly. Following these steps, businesses can be assured their diversity programs will succeed.

Empower middle management and employees

One of the greatest assets a business can employee in maintaining diversity is capable managers. An experienced boss who understands what signs of bias to look for, and how to resolve diversity-based issues when they arrive, can save the company and its employees time, money, and dignity.

Every successful diversity program relies on empowering employees and granting them the ability to better their workplaces. Businesses which focus on initiatives that broaden their company’s horizons and supercharge their workforces will attain greater success than those that lay down draconian rules.

Mentoring programs, which pair new employees with their experienced peers and build bonds between management and workers, help foster a sense of belonging and mitigate any conflict between personnel. Diversity awareness training shouldn’t be viewed as a burden for companies, but rather as an opportunity to increase cohesion between employees.

Targeted recruitment, or actively seeking employees from different backgrounds, helps broaden the company’s skill set and introduce new talent to the field. The ability to view things from different perspectives is often the heart of innovation, and companies with varied workforces will find themselves better equipped to tackle unexpected changes in the market.

Stress voluntary participation over forced compliance

Diversity initiatives mustn’t be thought of as stringent policing measures which restrict company’s freedom, but recognized as useful endeavors which broaden the company’s skill set and help it avoid mishaps.

One of the most important factors in a successful diversity program is whether it’s participatory or forced. Employees who feel as if their backs are to the wall aren’t likely to see the benefits of diversity training, and forcing their compliance may actually worsen the problem.…


Why A Partnership Agreement Is Critical For Your Business

When you bring a business partner on board, you’re trusting them with a lot. Your business is a product of your investment, time and effort. Handing over responsibility to someone else means they have to be someone you’re willing to hand some control over to. While having a partner can strengthen the foundation and capabilities of your business, it also means giving up some of the total control you may have been used to if you’ve run your business solo.

Although your fears are legitimate, it doesn’t mean you should reject the concept of a partnership entirely. Instead, you can mitigate some of the fears you might have about bringing a partner aboard by ensuring that you have a robust and detailed partnership agreement in place.

What is a partnership agreement?

A partnership agreement is a contract between two people looking to own a business together. Most partnership agreements essentially outline the terms for all likely scenarios you may encounter doing business together. Basic terms include the ownership percentage and distribution of profits, the length of the partnership (is it limited or indefinite?), the duties and expectations of each partner, how to end a partnership and how one partner can buy out another.

Your agreement should spell out the legal liabilities that each partner has, detail new ways the partnership can change in the future and acknowledge issues such as intellectual property and non-compete agreements that would protect your company secrets should your partner ever leave and work for competition.

You can insert requirements that conflicts be sorted out through mediation or binding arbitration, and you can specify what each partner is allowed to do with “their half” of the company – a thorough agreement will specify, for example, whether or not a partner can sell their part of the business with or without their partner’s consent.

If you want to add new people to the partnership, there should be a provision for that in your agreement. If one partner becomes disabled or otherwise unable to continue his duties, there should be a provision in place to fairly but efficiently remove him from the agreement that is detailed in the partnership.

Above all, a partnership agreement should be what you and your partner consider a reasonable agreement to divide the responsibilities and reap the benefits of running your business.

How to get an agreement in place

If you’re looking to put a partnership in place at your business, you should ensure that any partnership agreement is drafted and reviewed by both parties before committing to anything.…


Spend A Night In Our Resort Room And See The Difference

348sHotels and resorts across America have spent countless amounts of money investing in facilities such as swimming pools ad free WiFi in every room. Here at Laura Lees Landing, we think the most important aspect of your stay is the bed. That’s right – who would have thought it? Pillows, duvets and memory foam mattresses do matter. We spend so much of our times in our room, whether its winding down from all the activities you’ve been doing during the day, or going to sleep after a peaceful night at one of the karaoke bars.

And when I say “peaceful”, yes, I am being sarcastic. You won’t get any peace in a karaoke bar. Especially ours which are designed to have you maximize the amount of fun you can have in the facility. But don’t worry, there are plenty of quieter options if you’re one of those people who likes to keep away from ll the noise. The main point is, the bedroom in a resort should be a refuge. We’re here to ensure that it is exactly that.

With this in min, we design our rooms with the most luxurious leather and fabrics used throughout. The bed are comfortable, the mattresses are memory foam. The sheets are satin and the duvet is duck feather. Still no convinced? We implore you to come try for yourself. You’ll discover that just spending a weekend with us will completely change your ieda of what a resort should be like and how good a time can be spent in bedrooms that have the best furnishings.

At Laura Lees Landing, you’re always welcome to spend an evening with us.…