4 Financial tips to pay for vacations and start your children's classes

Is there someone more specialized in personal and family finances than mothers? If it exists, we still do not know it. And they can not only manage, they also know everything the family needs to feel in complete well-being and better yet, they are capable of achieving it.

Achieving also, go saving and making a guardadito for anything that may arise. But the challenge is even greater when, in addition to being mothers, they are workers and dedicate their lives to teaching and teaching.

One of the most critical and most worrying moments for all parents is the return to school. The summer in addition to holidays, joy and relaxation, also brings us the news that in a few weeks the children return to school.

And who better to know than a mother who is also a teacher? They know the extensive list of supplies that are requested each school year, plus the expenses that are generated by the purchase of new school uniforms.

Children grow fast and it is always necessary to buy tennis and shoes, among other types of investments that are generated from the new beginning. So, how to deal with this situation?

Actually, there is no unique way to do it, this is where parents get knowledge of finance, they say that “During the march is when you learn.”

Being a family mother and at the same time a teacher also requires dedication, creativity to devise new strategies that help you finance all these expenses. It is not always just about spending and already, sometimes you can choose to carry out creative ideas and get out of trouble.

But even when parents become specialists in expenses, they also need advice and a little help from time to time. As the teachers teach, at some point in life it is also their turn to learn and what better to do now?

It is July and it is strategic to start thinking about holidays, but something very important to keep in mind is that you can not leave behind the return to school.

That is why then we share 4 financial tips to pay for vacations and enjoy them to the fullest, managing to face back to school while maintaining the financial health of your pockets. Neither you nor we want that after a few days of calm and relaxation, you will find news that stress you again.

For this, we recommend the following:

Remember that it is better to buy quality: Identify within the list of things to buy, what are the elements that it is better to acquire of good quality.

Remember that sometimes it is much better to buy quality, because as the saying goes: “Cheap is expensive” and in this kind of expenses, it is always better to invest a little more in some things, which, if you see it with reference in time, they could last longer and prevent you from making purchases every so often.

An example of this could be the uniforms, we know that the originals are always much more expensive, however, the quality of the fabric will make it more durable for the rough use that the children give it.

Visit school fairs: There are always alternative possibilities to purchase school supplies in shopping centers. Remember that cheap things are not always of poor quality, in fact, prices can be adapted to all pockets.

The difference in prices, many times, are the intermediaries then in school fairs you can buy the same products for a lower cost because here, there are no people in the middle of the process that collect profits. Always look for options and you will surely find the best way to finance these seasonal expenses.

Avoid cards: Vacations and expenses generated by returning to school are some of the times when you should avoid paying with credit cards.

If the purchase works months without interest, it may be a good option, we should assess all aspects, however, we recommend that you avoid it as much as possible. In these circumstances it is better that your purchases are made in cash, so they do not generate interest that probably, you continue paying after months.

Remember that the holidays and the return to classes occur once a year, keep this in mind to know the periodicity with which you make your purchases with a credit card.

Join force with more interested: Find a way to make wholesale purchases. And with this we do not mean that you buy a package of 10 notebooks and all are for you, rather, it is about making purchases as a team.

Join with other families, talk with other parents, find the opportunity to do their shopping together, this way they could earn some wholesale discounts and also, divide the accounts.

There are occasions when the list of supplies asks for materials that you can only buy in packages, so if they are purchased as a team, they may help you save some money.

Are you prepared to face these expenses? Maybe during the year you have been able to save a little, however, it is not always possible to reach the financial goal or collect all the money necessary to exit these payments in a victorious way.

Faced with this type of situation, an intelligent solution that you can take is the application of a credit. At Credifiel, we offer you the opportunity to have a loan as a worker of a Government Educational Institution.

Get to know us and start financing your next days in the best possible way. Remember that the flow of money keeps your finances healthy, however, for this to happen you must also take care of your health and take a break, it is always necessary.

Get ready to enjoy the holiday period and do not worry about the bills when you return.

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