Month: May 2016


Choosing the right bed for our resorts

Finally you’ve made it to your resort after a long flight or car journey and into your room and in front of you see the nicest most comfiest bed you’ve ever seen. That’s the feeling we want to give you every day and that’s why we invest so much on the furnishings in our bedrooms. You’ll find the best double beds, or king size or queen size beds you’ve ever slept on. We invest in quality material and the best mattresses, duvets and pillows.

Our beds are bought from England from a supplier we know in Yorkshire. They deliver the beds to us for free and then we put them right here in our rooms. From there you look straight ahead and see the beautiful HDTV smart tv, with free WiFi and all the amenities.

If you’re arriving with a large group, you can even get extra cots and pull-out beds ┬áso you can sleep even more people. This is perfect for large families and those with lots of children. Talking about children, if you have little ones, you can put them in their own little play area. There are sofas and don’t even get me started about the bathroom. It’s lovely. You can have a jacuzzi in there and a shower with a shower head that gives splendid warm water. You’ll be amazed at how good our rooms are.

But don’t let that distract your from the rest of the resort. With so many activities, I don’t think you’ll find much reason to spend in your room, even if it is hard to tear yourself away!…


Spend A Night In Our Resort Room And See The Difference

348sHotels and resorts across America have spent countless amounts of money investing in facilities such as swimming pools ad free WiFi in every room. Here at Laura Lees Landing, we think the most important aspect of your stay is the bed. That’s right – who would have thought it? Pillows, duvets and memory foam mattresses do matter. We spend so much of our times in our room, whether its winding down from all the activities you’ve been doing during the day, or going to sleep after a peaceful night at one of the karaoke bars.

And when I say “peaceful”, yes, I am being sarcastic. You won’t get any peace in a karaoke bar. Especially ours which are designed to have you maximize the amount of fun you can have in the facility. But don’t worry, there are plenty of quieter options if you’re one of those people who likes to keep away from ll the noise. The main point is, the bedroom in a resort should be a refuge. We’re here to ensure that it is exactly that.

With this in min, we design our rooms with the most luxurious leather and fabrics used throughout. The bed are comfortable, the mattresses are memory foam. The sheets are satin and the duvet is duck feather. Still no convinced? We implore you to come try for yourself. You’ll discover that just spending a weekend with us will completely change your ieda of what a resort should be like and how good a time can be spent in bedrooms that have the best furnishings.

At Laura Lees Landing, you’re always welcome to spend an evening with us.…