10 tricks to save on vacation

Tips to save on summer vacations

10 tricks to save on vacation

Summer is already here and if you have not yet planned the holidays it’s time to do it, you have to decide what to do or where to go to enjoy your days off, yes, without losing sight of the savings , because neither on vacation We have to neglect our domestic economy .

In this sense, in order to enjoy but also save, we provide you with a list of 10 tips to plan your summer without your coffers remaining empty:

  1. If you can choose holiday season: select the low season . May, September and October are months when the weather is still good and prices are cheaper than in July and August. With this simple action you will be able to reduce the costs a lot and you will have less influx of public.
  2. Do not set a specific date, but let yourself be carried away by the price. If you can not go on a specific day better, as this way you can search the flight comparators and select the cheapest flight that is usually on weekdays, never on weekends.
  3. If you travel by car, use the shared car for your trip . Through platforms such as BlaBlaCar you can save on your trip by sharing expenses with other people who have the same destination as you. So, in addition to saving you will also help the environment.
  4. Opt for house exchange to stay. You will only have to contact other people who like to travel and want to exchange houses and you will have an accommodation for practically free. For this, there are different websites that can help you such as intercambiocasas.com and Homeforhome.com.
  5. Another type of cheaper accommodation option is the rental of private rooms . It will be cheaper than a hostel or a hotel and you can also meet new people.
  6. Use public transport and walk around the city . When it comes to getting to know a city, it’s cheaper to go on foot. If by distance it is impossible, in that case it is better to use public transport since it is cheaper. Of course, in any case it is advisable to use taxis, unless it is between several people and can spread the expenses.
  7. Limit your trips to restaurants, shop at the supermarket and make your own food at home . If you can choose accommodation near a supermarket, so you can make the purchase for your stay and cook your own food saving a lot of money in restaurants. In the case of not being able to cook, select local restaurants in non-tourist areas to eat, so you will save a lot of money and eat very well.
  8. Avoid buying unnecessary gifts and souvenirs : If you want to take a souvenir from your trip to your family, try to make it useful and useful, and above all, limit yourself, because souvenirs are usually very expensive.
  9. Attend free entertainment activities : Many municipalities, especially in summer, organize free activities such as local festivals, summer cinema, street theater, workshops for children, guided tours of the city, etc.
  10. Take advantage of the days of free entrance to museums or tourist places . Normally in all countries there is a day or a few hours of open doors to museums and some emblematic monuments. If you know when it is and plan your agenda well you can save a little money.

As you can see, with a little control you will get the most out of your vacation without leaving all your savings in the attempt. Have you ever carried out these tips? Can you contribute other ideas that help save on vacations? Tell us about your experience and help us save on vacation.