10 tricks to save on vacation

Tips to save on summer vacations

10 tricks to save on vacation

Summer is already here and if you have not yet planned the holidays it’s time to do it, you have to decide what to do or where to go to enjoy your days off, yes, without losing sight of the savings , because neither on vacation We have to neglect our domestic economy .

In this sense, in order to enjoy but also save, we provide you with a list of 10 tips to plan your summer without your coffers remaining empty:

  1. If you can choose holiday season: select the low season . May, September and October are months when the weather is still good and prices are cheaper than in July and August. With this simple action you will be able to reduce the costs a lot and you will have less influx of public.
  2. Do not set a specific date, but let yourself be carried away by the price. If you can not go on a specific day better, as this way you can search the flight comparators and select the cheapest flight that is usually on weekdays, never on weekends.
  3. If you travel by car, use the shared car for your trip . Through platforms such as BlaBlaCar you can save on your trip by sharing expenses with other people who have the same destination as you. So, in addition to saving you will also help the environment.
  4. Opt for house exchange to stay. You will only have to contact other people who like to travel and want to exchange houses and you will have an accommodation for practically free. For this, there are different websites that can help you such as intercambiocasas.com and Homeforhome.com.
  5. Another type of cheaper accommodation option is the rental of private rooms . It will be cheaper than a hostel or a hotel and you can also meet new people.
  6. Use public transport and walk around the city . When it comes to getting to know a city, it’s cheaper to go on foot. If by distance it is impossible, in that case it is better to use public transport since it is cheaper. Of course, in any case it is advisable to use taxis, unless it is between several people and can spread the expenses.
  7. Limit your trips to restaurants, shop at the supermarket and make your own food at home . If you can choose accommodation near a supermarket, so you can make the purchase for your stay and cook your own food saving a lot of money in restaurants. In the case of not being able to cook, select local restaurants in non-tourist areas to eat, so you will save a lot of money and eat very well.
  8. Avoid buying unnecessary gifts and souvenirs : If you want to take a souvenir from your trip to your family, try to make it useful and useful, and above all, limit yourself, because souvenirs are usually very expensive.
  9. Attend free entertainment activities : Many municipalities, especially in summer, organize free activities such as local festivals, summer cinema, street theater, workshops for children, guided tours of the city, etc.
  10. Take advantage of the days of free entrance to museums or tourist places . Normally in all countries there is a day or a few hours of open doors to museums and some emblematic monuments. If you know when it is and plan your agenda well you can save a little money.

As you can see, with a little control you will get the most out of your vacation without leaving all your savings in the attempt. Have you ever carried out these tips? Can you contribute other ideas that help save on vacations? Tell us about your experience and help us save on vacation.

How to save on vacations this summer

How to save on vacations this summer

After a year of hard work, stress and stress, vacations become an obligation as well as a necessity . Enjoy together with our loved ones a few days of rest and relaxation, it seems necessary to charge the batteries and return to work with enthusiasm and energy.

Since summer is just around the corner, let’s review seven tips to save on our vacations :

– Be flexible with dates . Logically, it is more expensive to travel when everyone travels, that is, in July and August. Therefore, if we can be flexible with the dates and choose to enjoy our vacations in June or September, our pocket will thank us very considerably, although we fear that this is not always possible.

– Be flexible with destiny . We should not obsess about a specific destiny and use all our energies to find a good offer in it. It is advisable to play with several alternatives, be flexible and select the one that offers the best offer.

– Search and browse offers on the internet . Internet offers us the possibility of comparing hundreds of websites and offers, why not take advantage of it? Webs such as Kayak, Cheap Flights, TripAdvisor, Hotels.com or Booking can help us plan our vacations at very competitive prices.

– Consider alternatives to hotel accommodation . It is true that we all like to enjoy a good hotel, but if we are thinking of reducing costs as much as possible, perhaps we should consider camping type accommodation or hostels. If all we are looking for is to spend the night, they are always the most economical alternative.

– Do not forget the collaborative economy . From sharing a house to sharing a car, everything is possible thanks to the collaborative economy. Webs like Airbnb, HomeAway, Amovens, BlaBlaCar or Trip4real, among a long list, can help us save a large sum of money on our vacations.

– Take off that tourist’s face . It is not enough to avoid tourist sites, you also have to try not to look like one. In Rome, for example, a bottle of water can cost us from 1 euro to 6 euros depending on where we buy it within a radius of no more than 200 meters. Imagine what you could save with food.

– Take advantage of free activities . Sometimes we do not give value to the free. We believe that something expensive is better and it does not have to be that way. In addition, thanks to the internet it is easy to find out about the existing offer. Apart from museums, exhibitions or concerts, it is possible to enjoy a lot of free activities that will add value to our vacations.

In short, saving on our vacations is possible if we use the head before the portfolio, and not for that they will be less fun or interesting. If we plan ahead with a little effort, our current account will thank us for the rest of the year.

What is the best time to go on vacation?

going on vacation

What is the best time to go on vacation?

What for many is the return to work, for others it is the beginning of rest or adventure. Going on vacation in low season is a key to saving very effective. The best time to fully enjoy destinations at lower prices is on dates when not everyone has a vacation.

So, if you want to enjoy a destination without crowds and without spending so much money, we tell you which are the most affordable months of the year to enjoy your holidays depending on the destination you choose.

Take the holidays against the current

The general thing is to go on summer vacations between July and September , since the weather is better and there is more atmosphere . Either to take a dip on any beach or to escape from the heat of the cities. These premises are what make the demand for travel rise at this time and with it the price .

Therefore, in terms of summer holidays we suggest that you postpone your vacation until at least the end of September . In this sense, according to a study conducted by Skyscanner , 73% of travelers spend more than they should on their vacations, especially for not having a lack of foresight , for example, in the purchase of airline tickets. If we do not do it in advance, nor establish a relationship between the destination and the time in which we travel, the cost will skyrocket, so the ideal is to book a flight two months in advance.

As for the month, May is usually the cheapest to go on vacation , just after Easter and well before summer. The savings can be up to 16%. If we talk about weeks, the cheapest is the last of January , perfect for a ski trip for example or to escape from the cold to a more coastal destination.

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When to book for the most popular destinations

If what you need to know is when you have to book for the most popular destinations, you can not miss our list:

  • France : Going on vacation to Paris in January can reach a saving of up to 40% compared to other months such as August.
  • United Kingdom : Knowing the British Isles and their city, London, is another of the most frequented countries and, therefore, defendants. Therefore, the cheapest month to visit is May (32% cheaper).
  • Italy : The best month to know the land of pizza and pasta is in June. You can save up to 44%.
  • America: Flying to the American continent is expensive because of the distance and, therefore, you have to be much more proactive in organizing the trip than for a national or European getaway. So, if you want to travel there you should book with about nine months in advance and taking into account the season. For example, flying to Argentina in May is 22% cheaper than in August. To the United States on the other hand February is the cheapest month, up to 46% less than other times like Christmas or summer.


Five things you have to know before going on vacation


Five things you have to know before going on vacation

At last the desired summer vacation arrived. After a whole year waiting for them, it is normal that we want them to be perfect. However, any small setback can play a trick on us when we are in our destination.

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For this reason, before you finish closing your suitcase and get on the plane, we will explain five things you need to know or have located before going on vacation.

Holidays: what you have to take into account before you leave

  1. Where I am going to sleep?

It may seem obvious, but it is essential to know all the secrets of the destination we have selected to sleep. For example, its exact location to enter the address in the GPS, the phone number in case we have an emergency and, of course, the opinions of people who have already been there. Webs like TripAdvisor are very useful for the latter.

  1. Where will I eat?

If we go on an all-inclusive basis, there’s no problem because we’ll eat at the hotel. However, if our lodging modality does not include meals we should foresee where we will load forces every day, especially if we do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy a delicacy in a restaurant known in the area. The ElTenedor app can be very helpful.

  1. What will I visit?

If you plan to take advantage of your vacation to know monuments or places, it is best to plan everything in detail. There are many travel guides and on the internet there are many websites that can help us achieve it. It is advisable to calculate the distances well, check the opening and closing times, have transportation planned to that place, etc.

  1. Where is a hospital?

Nobody wants to get sick, and less on vacation. However, it is better to be cautious and, in the case of a health emergency, to know where we need to go, especially if we travel abroad. We must have at hand the address of the nearest hospital and, if you hurry me, also that of a dentist in the area. If you travel with children, you must have a pediatrician located.

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  1. Where can I get money?

Although nowadays we can pay by card in practically any establishment, here’s our good saver day tip: pay everything in cash, so you will spend less. For this reason, it is essential that we have located ATMs where you can get money for free.

Second home mortgage – Find the ideal home for your vacation

Second home mortgage: how does it work?

A mortgage for a second home is a mortgage loan that is requested from the bank to finance the purchase of a second home . Under this generic name we include houses or flats that will not be our usual home, but we will use them as a holiday destination (on the beach or in the mountains, for example), to live temporarily outside our home or, simply, as an investment.

The operation of the second home mortgages is the same as that of the first home mortgages with the only difference that the requirements to get them are different. In fact, these are more demanding products and they have more difficult concession conditions, since they imply a greater risk of non-payment because they are not habitual residence. So, if we want to get a mortgage for a second home, we must show the bank that we have a good economic profile and sufficient solvency to meet all the monthly payments.

3 steps to get a vacation home mortgage

Currently banks have stricter conditions to grant financing that are even harder to get a second home mortgage . This is because these products have a greater risk of default, since in case of economic difficulty is left before paying these fees than those of a habitual residence.

Now, although it is more complicated than a few years ago, following the following steps we could get to sign a second mortgage:

1. Compare a minimum of 3 offers from different banks

The first recommendation that we must take into account to find the best second home mortgages is the same as with the rest: do not stay with the first offer we find, even if we find it interesting.

And is that the ideal thing is to compare products from a minimum of three different banks, so we can see what conditions are being offered in the mortgage market for a second home mortgage.

This task, we can do it using tools such as the mortgage comparator HelpMyCash.com, which will allow us to see all the offers that exist in the market without going to each entity personally.

2. Ask for all the information

Once we find a bank willing to make an offer, we must ask the FIPER (Personal Information Card) in which the costs of the second home mortgage are shown . In this way we will have all the information in writing to study it and compare it.

And although we believe we know the mortgage loans well (because surely we already signed one to finance our usual residence) the conditions may be different in a second home mortgage.

In short, when looking for a mortgage for second home we must collect as much information as possible about the different offers to be able to compare their particularities and sign the one that really interests us.

3. Negotiate good conditions

Once selected those offers that we consider more interesting, it is time to negotiate with the bank the conditions that our new mortgage will have. In this sense, the better our economic profile and greater solvency prove, the more options we will have to get real cheap mortgages, since the bank will know that we will not have problems to assume our quotas even if the Euribor goes up.

If we request a second mortgage in the entity where we already signed the first, the bank will know our ability to assume the fee, which can serve as an extra guarantee. However, it is advisable to ask for offers in at least three different entities , since a mortgage is fully negotiable until the signing, so if we know the conditions that are offered in the market, we can negotiate and get to sign one of the mortgages cheaper for our second home.

Particularities of a mortgage for a second home

The requirements that we must meet if we want a second home mortgage will be stricter, since their risk of default is higher and they are products that finance homes with a location with worse options to reposition in case the bank executes the guarantee and stays with the property. Therefore, to get a second home mortgage, we must take into account that they have the following characteristics:

1. Lowest financing

The main difference between mortgages for second homes and those of habitual residence is the amount that the bank will lend us. This is due to the fact that, in case of economic difficulty, the risk of default in a holiday home is greater , since the fee will be paid earlier than that of a habitual residence.

Thus, the financing they grant for a second home mortgage is usually lower than for a residential mortgage. Specifically, the bank usually grants between 50% and 75% of the appraised value of the property or its sale price (always the lower of the two, as in the rest of mortgages).

This is opposed to 80% financing, or even 100% in the case of mortgages for bank floors, which we can find when we seek to finance this type of housing. So, given that the financing is lower, to ask for this type of mortgage, we must have more savings.

Despite this, since 2016 there are some entities willing to finance up to 80% of these homes, the result of a start of economic recovery and the real estate sector, although to get these offers you have to have an excellent financial profile. In the same way, if what we want is to obtain mortgages at 100% financing, we will have it even more difficult , but if we show very high income and a stable job and in a rising sector we may be able to negotiate.

2. Requires having greater savings

For a first home mortgage you usually need to have saved 35% of the value of the home, being 20% ​​to cover the part that does not finance the bank and between 10% and 15% for the costs of buying a home and open a mortgage. However, in a second mortgage financing usually stays at 70% or 60% of the value of the second home , so in some cases the necessary savings can amount to 50% of the value of the home.

Update: Mortgage constitution expenses are subject to legal disputes between clients and banks as to who should assume each of them, since the Supreme Court considers it abusive that all are charged to the mortgaged. The items under debate are notary, agency, registry or even appraisal, although the IAJD must always pay the mortgaged according to the latest ruling of the high court.

3. High and stable income is required

If we want to get the bank to grant us a mortgage for a second home, we must meet a series of requirements that, above all, will focus on our financial profile meeting the following conditions:

  • High monthly income: normally, banks usually request payroll over 2,000 euros among all the holders for the granting of a mortgage loan for first residence. In the case of mortgages for second homes, these required income tend to be higher, since the risk of default is higher in a second home, so the guarantees increase. Generally, between all the holders, a minimum of between 2,500 and 3,000 euros per month is required.
  • Stable workplace: having a fixed or indefinite contract and a good seniority within the company (at least three years) will help us to add points to get this type of financing. In addition, working in a rising or stable sector, as is the case of officials, will provide us with a better profile in order to obtain a mortgage of this type.
  • Savings capacity: having a healthy economy, with all payments per day and no delays in other loans is key. If we apply for the mortgage for a second home in the same entity where we have the first mortgage, the bank will know our history better and we may have more options, as long as we are up to date with all our fees.

The more of these requirements we meet, the fewer problems we will have to get a mortgage for a second home, but we must be clear that the bank can ask for more conditions.

4. Other requirements

If we have another mortgage from which we still have a large part of the capital to be amortized, if we appear on delinquent lists such as ASNEF or RAI , or if we have never complied with the payment of our installments in personal loans or previous mortgages, it is It is likely that the bank will see us as a risk profile and will not approve a mortgage for second homes. In the same way, if our level of indebtedness is already high because we have many debts or expenses that account for a large part of our income, they would not grant us more financing either.

If we do not have an excellent profile, having a person willing to guarantee our mortgage loan will give us more points to get a second home mortgage, since the bank will have an extra guarantee of payment, since in case of non-payment by us, the guarantor must respond.

How to get a mortgage if the house is free of charges?

Get mortgages for second homes

How to sign a second home mortgage can be more complicated than getting a first one, we propose two possible options to give facilities to request a second home mortgage :

  • Apply for a mortgage for a second home directly, assuming the conditions that the bank will impose on us, which, as we have already explained, will surely be stricter than for a first mortgage. We remember that we will only get the second home mortgage so if we have a high financial profile and we comply with all the requirements.

  • Re-mortgage the habitual residence to obtain a mortgage for a second home: mainly for the purchase of houses in environments that have difficult exit (abandoned dormitory cities, rural environments …) and that, ultimately, the bank is not interested in mortgaging, due to its difficulty to place them if I had to execute them.

Why are second home mortgages more difficult to obtain?

Faced with a bad economic situation, it is logical that a person stop paying the mortgage for the second home before the mortgage loan of the habitual residence. The home is the last thing you are willing to lose, so it is understandable that you stop paying the second mortgage before the first. The banks took note of this during the crisis, when many people could not pay their debt and lost their holiday residence, so now they demand a more solvent profile to access the financing.

In conclusion, the reason why a second home mortgage is harder to get is that the bank is at greater risk . In addition, for an entity it will always be more difficult to re-sell a second home (usually located in tourist areas) than one that is in the middle of an urban core, which also explains why these mortgage loans are stricter than the first mortgages.

Financing up to 100% with bank floors

If what we need is financing above 80% because we do not have enough savings to open the second home mortgage directly, since the financing of these is usually lower, we can opt for the acquisition of one of the bank floors, with the that sometimes finance the entire home.

While it is true that the offer of second homes is lower, it is not impossible to find a bank home to spend the holidays, as they were the first to which families resigned when they had problems paying. Of course, if we bet on one of the floors of the bank or the Sareb (known as bad bank) must be clear that we will not have better conditions on our mortgage, except that the financing is usually higher.

4 Financial tips to pay for vacations and start your children's classes

Is there someone more specialized in personal and family finances than mothers? If it exists, we still do not know it. And they can not only manage, they also know everything the family needs to feel in complete well-being and better yet, they are capable of achieving it.

Achieving also, go saving and making a guardadito for anything that may arise. But the challenge is even greater when, in addition to being mothers, they are workers and dedicate their lives to teaching and teaching.

One of the most critical and most worrying moments for all parents is the return to school. The summer in addition to holidays, joy and relaxation, also brings us the news that in a few weeks the children return to school.

And who better to know than a mother who is also a teacher? They know the extensive list of supplies that are requested each school year, plus the expenses that are generated by the purchase of new school uniforms.

Children grow fast and it is always necessary to buy tennis and shoes, among other types of investments that are generated from the new beginning. So, how to deal with this situation?

Actually, there is no unique way to do it, this is where parents get knowledge of finance, they say that “During the march is when you learn.”

Being a family mother and at the same time a teacher also requires dedication, creativity to devise new strategies that help you finance all these expenses. It is not always just about spending and already, sometimes you can choose to carry out creative ideas and get out of trouble.

But even when parents become specialists in expenses, they also need advice and a little help from time to time. As the teachers teach, at some point in life it is also their turn to learn and what better to do now?

It is July and it is strategic to start thinking about holidays, but something very important to keep in mind is that you can not leave behind the return to school.

That is why then we share 4 financial tips to pay for vacations and enjoy them to the fullest, managing to face back to school while maintaining the financial health of your pockets. Neither you nor we want that after a few days of calm and relaxation, you will find news that stress you again.

For this, we recommend the following:

Remember that it is better to buy quality: Identify within the list of things to buy, what are the elements that it is better to acquire of good quality.

Remember that sometimes it is much better to buy quality, because as the saying goes: “Cheap is expensive” and in this kind of expenses, it is always better to invest a little more in some things, which, if you see it with reference in time, they could last longer and prevent you from making purchases every so often.

An example of this could be the uniforms, we know that the originals are always much more expensive, however, the quality of the fabric will make it more durable for the rough use that the children give it.

Visit school fairs: There are always alternative possibilities to purchase school supplies in shopping centers. Remember that cheap things are not always of poor quality, in fact, prices can be adapted to all pockets.

The difference in prices, many times, are the intermediaries then in school fairs you can buy the same products for a lower cost because here, there are no people in the middle of the process that collect profits. Always look for options and you will surely find the best way to finance these seasonal expenses.

Avoid cards: Vacations and expenses generated by returning to school are some of the times when you should avoid paying with credit cards.

If the purchase works months without interest, it may be a good option, we should assess all aspects, however, we recommend that you avoid it as much as possible. In these circumstances it is better that your purchases are made in cash, so they do not generate interest that probably, you continue paying after months.

Remember that the holidays and the return to classes occur once a year, keep this in mind to know the periodicity with which you make your purchases with a credit card.

Join force with more interested: Find a way to make wholesale purchases. And with this we do not mean that you buy a package of 10 notebooks and all are for you, rather, it is about making purchases as a team.

Join with other families, talk with other parents, find the opportunity to do their shopping together, this way they could earn some wholesale discounts and also, divide the accounts.

There are occasions when the list of supplies asks for materials that you can only buy in packages, so if they are purchased as a team, they may help you save some money.

Are you prepared to face these expenses? Maybe during the year you have been able to save a little, however, it is not always possible to reach the financial goal or collect all the money necessary to exit these payments in a victorious way.

Faced with this type of situation, an intelligent solution that you can take is the application of a credit. At Credifiel, we offer you the opportunity to have a loan as a worker of a Government Educational Institution.

Get to know us and start financing your next days in the best possible way. Remember that the flow of money keeps your finances healthy, however, for this to happen you must also take care of your health and take a break, it is always necessary.

Get ready to enjoy the holiday period and do not worry about the bills when you return.

Guide to earn money to pay for the start of your children's university

Vacation or washing machine? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

hierarchy of Maslow's needs

Vacation or washing machine? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

What is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? We can define a human need as the feeling of lack of something linked to the desire to satisfy it. All, absolutely all human beings have needs. From Bill Gates to a five-year-old boy raised in the Amazon, all people have needs. What happens is that not all human needs are the same , but that these are completely subjective and depend on a series of social, economic, cultural factors …

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Bill Gates may need to buy his sixth Ferrari and the kid from the Amazon to find a place to sleep and stand on the rain. If we take the example to our own house, perhaps we have had to decide between taking a vacation for a week or saving money to buy a new washing machine . Which decision is better?

What is the hierarchy of Maslow’s needs?

One of the most important psychological theories related to human needs is the one elaborated by Abraham Maslow. The author argues that human needs are hierarchical, so that there are some more basic and more complex. As we complete the first, we will move forward to meet the following.

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To describe his theory, he used what is known as the Maslow pyramid , with five levels of human needs. This is the hierarchy of Maslow’s needs:

hierarchy of Maslow's needs

  1. Physiological or basic needs. They are the most basic needs of all and are directly related to subsistence and development: eating, feeding, dressing, having a place to sleep … These are the first needs that every person tries to cover.
  2. Security and protection needs . Once the basic needs are met, we move on to the next link in the pyramid: the need for security. Maslow referred to physical security, resources, family, private property … In short, needs that aim to strengthen our position in life.
  3. Social needs or affiliation. They are those related to our social nature, that is, the fact that we are human beings and as such we need friendship, partner, family, colleagues, social acceptance, affection, sexual intimacy …
  4. Needs of recognition or esteem. Here Maslow differentiated between needs of high esteem (self-respect, trust, freedom, competition …) and needs of low esteem (appreciation, recognition, reputation, fame, glory …).
  5. Need for self-realization. At the top of the pyramid we find the needs that allow us to feel ourselves as people. For example, morality, creativity, spontaneity, lack of prejudice … They are the highest needs of the human being and their satisfaction may depend on finding the meaning of life.

The Bill Gates Ferrari is in the last group of the pyramid of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, as well as that private island that we know you’d love to have. Meanwhile, the need to protect oneself from the rain of the Amazon boy is a basic necessity.

And you, have you already decided if you prefer to go on vacation or buy a new washing machine?

Question of the week: What comes with the new travel law on vacationers?

July 2018 enters for tourists a new travel right into force. The so-called EU Package Travel Directive is aimed primarily at consumers who plan their vacation via the Internet. The objectives of the reform are greater transparency and longer deadlines to indicate shortcomings. However, consumer advocates are critical of the new directive.

The new travel law not only brings holidaymakers positive changes

  • From 1 July 2018, the new EU Package Travel Directive will apply to EU citizens.
  • With the reform, the outdated travel law is to be adapted to the Internet age and thus become more contemporary.
  • Despite some benefits for consumers planning their vacation online, the new travel law is viewed more critically.

From July 2018 there are changes in the travel law for tourists. Reason for the changes: vacationers are increasingly planning their time off independently through online providers. The tourism industry therefore saw the previous framework of travel law, which has not been adjusted since 1990, in the Internet era as obsolete and made demands for an adjustment. Therefore, the new EU Package Travel Directive will in future include online travel planning and be more consumer-friendly . But when do tourists really benefit from the new travel law and where are the pitfalls?

Online offers blur the boundaries between traditional forms of travel

Travelers who plan their vacation often have to decide in advance whether to book an all-inclusive trip or a package holiday or whether they prefer to plan every step of their trip themselves. Each form of travel is accompanied by different rights . For example, a classic holiday package offers more rights than an individual holiday.

Due to the countless, diverse online offers, however, even today’s most experienced holidaymakers quickly lose track of which rights apply to the services booked. Numerous customer complaints and reports from tour operators eventually led to the EU defining a new form of travel , the so-called connected travel service.

When will the new EU Package Travel Directive apply?

The new EU Package Travel Directive, in addition to traditional package holidays, focuses on connected travel services . With these vacation travelers are confronted especially in the online area .

In many cases, the customer can tie up his own travel package today. If the consumer books at least two different types of services for the same trip within a short time, but concludes separate contracts , the connected travel service is available. The services can be, for example, a flight and the hotel in the resort. The agent must inform the customer about the connected travel service.

Important: With individual travel the new travel right does not apply. This means that trips that are completely self-employed, booked without tour operators and consist of several individual contracts are not considered by the directive.

What advantages does the new package travel policy promise?

As part of the new travel rights, customers will benefit from a number of changes in the future. At the conclusion of the booking of a connected travel service holidaymakers will soon be informed by standardized information sheets on insolvency protection , withdrawal rights and claims for price reduction . A measure that should ensure greater transparency and comparability, especially with online bookings.

In addition, holidaymakers who are dissatisfied with the booked services, the deficiencies up to two years retroactively . Even the compensation for lost holiday pleasure can be claimed here. However, those affected should not wait too long. Because “the longer the traveler waits, the more difficult it will be in court to prove the defect,” explains Felix Methmann, travel law expert at the Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband, the Osnabrücker Zeitung.

Enjoy the journey stress-free

The holiday should be the best time of the year. It is all the worse when unexpected problems with the tour operator cause the recovery to disappear prematurely. If there is a legal dispute, vacationers are protected with a good legal expenses insurance against high legal fees.

Additional regulation when canceling the trip

So far, it was only in the case of force majeure possible for travelers to withdraw from their trip for free. This includes unexpected events that holidaymakers have no control over. This can be, for example, a natural disaster or political unrest.

The reform of the Package Travel Directive has expanded the scope. Package holidaymakers can cancel their holiday free of charge from July onwards, when they speak of unavoidable, extraordinary circumstances . These include, for example, terrorist attacks . Here it is important that the travelers inform themselves about the situation on site before they arrive at the Federal Foreign Office .

Rising costs for tourists cause criticism

Consumer advocates have been criticizing the reform of the EU Package Travel Directive for a long time. Above all, they complain about the additional hurdles that come with the changes to consumers and point out that some travel services are not included in the protection . Thus fall according to financial test individual services, such as apartments or houses , not in the new travel law. The same applies to daily and short trips under 500 euros. As a result, it becomes more difficult for vacationers to claim compensation or they have to adapt to the guidelines of the holiday destination.

In addition, they must now expect up to 20 days before the trip even with price increases. In the future, tour operators will be entitled to increase the travel price by up to eight instead of the previous five percent . Holidaymakers, who pay 3,000 euros for their trip, would have to pay for example 240 euros more, as a short-term rebooking would usually be more expensive.

More than 40% of Spaniards decide to go on vacation and finance their trips

More than 40% of Spaniards decide to go on vacation and finance their trips

According to the data published by the Kruk Group, two out of every five Spaniards consider the option of resorting to a credit for their vacations. Although many think that these products only allow us to carry out large trips outside our country, which requires a large budget and that involve contracting a long-term debt, this is not always the case. In the market there are many products that allow us to access different amounts according to our needs and the destination we have chosen. Therefore, it is a matter of comparing until finding the best loan to finance travel.

Personal loans for large-scale travel

If we want to take advantage of the summer to make a trip to another country and the income from our account falls short, personal loans allow us to get large amounts of money in just a few hours. Therefore, with the budget that we have calculated ourselves or that which has been given to us in the agency, we can know how much we need and finance the trip. In addition, they are requested both through the bank and through private lenders so we have a wide range of options to consult. Given the wide range of products that exist in the market, compare conditions will be fundamental before choosing.

The mini-credits are also to finance trips

If in our getaway we are not going to travel so many kilometers or have almost all the savings to go on vacation , online mini-credits are an option to finance trips of these characteristics. With these products we can request up to 300 euros if we are new customers. In addition, it is possible to find temporary promotions without interest, so we will only return the amount if we comply with the conditions established by the company. They are also a good option to finance last minute trips.

The cost of online mini-credits is an aspect that we must calculate before signing the contract. These products have an average interest of 1.1% per day without taking into account the promotions mentioned in the previous paragraph. Therefore, for every 100 euros that we request, we will add 33 euros in interest if we choose a month as a term. Not reimbursing the amount on time, will involve an additional cost for delay. For this reason, it is fundamental to choose well when we are going to pay the loan according to the date in which we will return to have income in our account.

Summer vacation: With these early bird tips you will find your dream vacation

It’s getting closer to the popular destinations – early bird phase starts earlier

Things are getting tighter in the popular holiday destinations: the Mediterranean islands and the Canary Islands are experiencing visitor records. In Mallorca, there are even plans to cover the number of tourists. More and more popular destinations such as Turkey, Morocco or Egypt are no longer an option for most tourists for security reasons. The result: Who wants to travel in the summer of 2017 at a good price to his dream destination, should take care of it at an early stage.

New trend: The early bird phase starts earlier and earlier! The first early booking offers for the 2017 season have already hit the market in November 2016.

“Early booking” – these are typical deadlines

Early booking is not a fixed term with specified deadlines. Each tour operator can set dates for it. For example, these discounts apply to selected hotels and destinations in one of Germany’s largest travel agencies:

  • There was 40% discount for timely booking until 31.12.2016
  • 30% when booking until 31.1.2017
  • 25% when booking until 28.2.2017

That means: Now it’s time to make a reservation if you want to take advantage of the discounts. But those who are not quite sure, do not panic. Such dates are not always fixed and vary with the different providers. Online booking portals continue to offer discounts of up to 20% until April.

To help you find the cheapest vacation solution, consider the following three tips:

Tip 1: Book now only if you are sure

If you are quite sure when to go where you want to go, you should now take advantage of the early bird discounts. But do not be tempted to make a rash booking. A rebooking can be expensive if it later turns out that the originally planned date is not possible!

Tip 2: Look closely at super bargains!

Again and again you will find travel deals irresistible super bargains with discounts of up to 70% and more. Look at such offers always in the fine print. Sometimes the very cheap price is paid for by a worse room category or less inclusive services. Take a close look at the terms and conditions of bargains, or inquire with the provider’s hotline in case of doubt, to avoid disappointment later on.

Tip 3: Not everywhere, where early bird rebate on it, is also early bird discount in it

Right now, the providers advertise massively with the supposedly best conditions for early booking, if you book the holiday for 2017. But do not rely solely on the information on the website or in the catalog of a provider. Compare the offers for your desired destination or hotel with the various providers.